The city of Pori was founded on the mouth of the Kokemäenjoki river in 1558. Traditionally an industrial and port city, it has rapidly transformed itself into a city of students. Its strong ties to culture have kept the city vigorous for centuries.

Finland, the country of unspoilt nature and exotic Northern scenery attracts many. The long, light summer nights and the white snowy winters make the Nordic countries a unique place in which to live.
Finland’s advantage in international competition has for a long time been the careful cultivation of our design and know-how, both technological and innovative, all of which have contributed to our present success.


Pori is a large city by area, comprising 503 square kilometres of land.

Nature is varied in Pori. The river Kokemäenjoki flows through the city, with its flat valley dominating the areas surrounding the city centre. The Kirjurinluoto park, frequented by townspeople for recreational purposes, lies in the old river delta. The current delta, in turn, is one of most valuable wetlands of Northern Europe due to its plentiful birdlife. The dunes of Yyteri beach, famous among tourists, are known as rest areas of waterfowl and waders. You can explore the finest nature Yyteri offers by following the hiking path constructed in the area. The Yyteri area boasts over 30 kilometres of hiking routes and nature paths, and more than 10 birdwatching towers.

There is a beautiful archipelago in the sea area off Pori. The coastal bays are shallow, and the coastline is gradually moving out towards the sea due to rising of the land and further decomposition of river silt.

The Pori National City Park, reaching into the very heart of the city, lets the tourist explore the built-up environment and culture as well as the industrial heritage of the city, parks, recreation areas, and untouched nature. For the people of Pori the City Park is an everyday haven for recreation and access to nature close by.

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